New business launched: See BG

It’s 2017 and the best way to roll it in is with a new business.

See BG is an aerial photography business specializing in drone photography. We take aerial photos of businesses, agricultural, construction and many other applications.

Visit See BG Drone Photography if you are interested in aerial shots.


PHP: Show Current Year & Copyright In Footer

Are you tired of having to change the copyright yearly date on your website every year? If your website is running on PHP, then there’s an easier way to manage that instead of manually typing the date every year.

&copy; <?php echo date("Y"); ?> Copyright.

This will output:

© 2016 Copyright.

How to clear DNS cache on macOS Sierra

If you are having trouble getting URLs or domains to resolve, they are likely cached locally. Network administrators and web developers using macOS Sierra are finding this problem very often, especially if moving websites from one server to another.

On a mac, to reset the DNS cache, you need to use the Terminal app. You can find Terminal in /Applications/Utilities or using Spotlight (Command + Space bar).

Copy and paste the following line into Terminal and hit Enter. You will be required to enter your computer password.

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache;sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder; say cache flushed

Now that your DNS cached is cleared, your domain should resolve to it’s new address.

Get A FREE Website Makeover

We are giving one local company in the Bowling Green-Warren County area a chance to get a free website makeover.

Here are the rules:

– No more than 5 pages will be redesigned.

– All content, images, media needed for the site are the responsibility of the client.

– Hosting must be paid for by the client either with Macklab Media or a webhost of your choice.

This contest applies to both companies that already have an existing website or who does not have a website.

To nominate your company or another local company, please fill out the form below.